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Idaho KinCare Resources

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A KinCare provider is a grandparent or other family member raising a relative’s child. KinCare placements may be made formally through a social service agency but are more frequently arranged without formal intervention, usually occurring when family members voluntarily take the children into their homes to keep them safe in times of family crisis. This arrangement can be challenging from legal, financial, and emotional standpoints. If you are one of the 10,000 KinCare providers in Idaho, you are not alone and there is support available for you in the community.

Select from the links below to find more information about KinCare issues.

Legal Resources

Information about custodial arrangements, legal actions, legal forms, and legal services

Community Resources

Information about financial assistance, health and dental insurance, early childhood education, intervention services for developmentally and physically disabled children, and food assistance programs

Statewide KinCare Support Groups

Information about local support groups

Statewide KinCare Newsletters

Links to regional newsletters

Tax Information

Information about taxes for kincare providers

School Information

Information about school enrollment for kincare children

Hot Links

Links to websites with parenting information and more community resources

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